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Archived Free and Open Source S/W Articles
03 Nov 2011
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Getting PostgreSQL HA to Work in vFabric Data Director [24854]
A How-to that Avoids the DBA (in most cases)

How to set up a one-click HA setting in PostgreSQL's vFabric Data Director is illustrated in Jignesh Shah's post. In some cases the PostgreSQL monitor can correctly diagnose the situation and restart the database. In others the virtual machine itself will need to be shut down, enabling the vCenter Server to start the database on another server. In this instance, DHCP addresses may well be affected, which Shah solves by relying on the virtual hosts format to allow users to find their intended database without regard for which server it is running on.
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19 Oct 2011
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Phipps Explains the Cadre Behind LibreOffice to The Document Foundation Conference [24786]
Yes, Virginia, there Are Contributors with Commercial Interests in the World of Open Source

Simon Phipps, formerly of Sun Microsystems and Oracle, now founder of the startup ForgeRock and director of the Open Source Initiative, recently addressed The Document Foundation's first LibreOffice Conference, where explained that Open Source as a movement does not require a "white knight" to foster and sustain it. Instead, he maintained. Open Source calls for " ... developers willing to collaborate, and a community willing to contribute both time and money." Fortunately, LibreOffice was brought about by the efforts of both factions.
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26 Sep 2011
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15 Essential Open Source Tools for Windows Admins [24608]
No Need to Check with Microsoft

Despite what you may have assumed, there is an alternative to Microsoft when it comes to enhancements for Windows, and these enhancements are free and olpen source, so why call Redmond. J. Peter Bruzzese a number of these offerings in his InforWorld article "15 Essential Open Source Tools for Windows Admins." Here's a list:

  • Wireshark
  • MailArchiva
  • Exchange 2010 RBAC Manager
  • Core Configurator 2.0 for Server Core
  • AutoSPInstaller for SharePoint 2010
  • OCS Inventory
  • UltraDefrag
  • Nmap for Windows
  • Zenmap
  • PowerGUI
  • Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool
  • ClamWin Antivirus
  • Virtual Router
  • VirtualBox

Microsoft also hosts CodePlex, a site for open source projects.
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07 Sep 2011
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Bossie Awards 2011: The Best Open Source Desktop and Mobile Software [24556]
Winnners Include VirtualBox VM

Here are the categories for which 2011 Bossie Award winners have been named:

  • Best Open Source Software
  • Best Open Source Desktop and Mobile Software
  • Best Open Source Application Development Software
  • Best Open Source Data Center and Cloud Software

VirtualBox won with this endorsement: "A free-to-use and open source virtualization solution for desktop environments, VirtualBox changed hands from Sun to Oracle when the latter bought the former. That hasn't changed the pace or tenor of its development, though, and the last few revisions -- including a major update to the left of the decimal point -- have continued to pile on reasons to ditch commercial alternatives. For anyone who even dabbles in virtualization, it's gone from useful to must-have."
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31 Aug 2011
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The Long Road To (Software) Freedom [24486]
Simon Phipps on the Seven-step Road to FOSS

Simon Phipps has devised a seven-step "path to software freedom" that he lays out for readers as follows:

  • Open source as enemy
  • Damage containment
  • Embrace and extend
  • A change of executive direction
  • Exploratory opening
  • General opening
  • Embrace of software freedom

Sun, Phipps says, was at stage 6 when the acquisition occurred. Where is your organization on the spectrum?
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04 Aug 2011
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Open Source, Java, and Oracle - Cracking the Code [24416]
Oracle's Steve Harris at OSCON

Steve Harris's keynote address at OSCON is very capably summarized in Tori Wieldt's blog "Open Source, Java, and Oracle -- Cracking the Code," in which Wieldt writes that Harris said the company [Oracle] does not have a top-down strategy around open source, but rather individual lines of business, which have open source strategies of their own to meet business needs. Concerning Java, which resides in the Oracle Middleware line of business, Oracle's priority, Harris said, is to keep Java vibrant with increased investment in platform, continuing to move towards free and open, and to improve support for the Java developer community. Finally, Wieldt blogs, in a nod to Oracle's view of how the open source community perceives the company, Steve Harris introduced the humorous "Perceived Open Source Threat Level" graphic and said "We’re not where we should be, but it has gotten better and it will get better.” The ever-shifting pointer hovers uneasily between GUARDED and ELEVATED.
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