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Archived Free and Open Source S/W Articles
27 Apr 2012
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Support for FOSS Components in Oracle Solaris [26095]
Available Through Oracle Premier Support for Systems

A post on points readers to a My Oracle Support knowledge article that provides background information concerning support of FOSS packages delivered with Oracle Solaris 11 and older Oracle Solaris releases. A subset of FOSS components delivered in Oracle Solaris are supported in terms of Oracle Premier Support for Systems. New version of a FOSS component will be delivered in Oracle Solaris 10 either as a patch or an update release, a new version of a FOSS component will be delivered in Oracle Solaris 11 either as part of a Support Repository Update (SRU) or in an update release.
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02 Apr 2012
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Red Hat Has $1 Billion Plus in BY 2012 [25865]
As Customers Buy in to Software Freedom, Red Hat Prospers

Red Hat had a billion dollar plus year in FY2012, and that revenue came not just from selling software, argues Simon Phipps in his InfoWorld piece but from selling Software Freedom as well. Red Hat customers are liberated from the bonds imposed on them by vendors of proprietary software, given the freedom to experiment with open source code and to use the product for any purpose. All of this makes for an enriched business atmosphere with community members making improvements to the code even as they use it. Software freedom has put money in the bank for Red Hat.
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28 Feb 2012
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Coverity Study Find Open Source Holds Its Own Against Proprietary Code [25566]
Linux, PHP, PostgreSQL Cited as Exemplary Solutions

In its third annual report, Coverity concludes that the quality of open source code is equal to, or even better than that of proprietary software. Coverity analyzed more than 37 million lines of open source code from 45 major open source projects and over 300 million lines of proprietary software code. The open source projects were found to have an average defect density of 0.45, based on the number of defects per 1,000 lines of code, and the proprietary code was found to have 0.64 defects in every 1,000 lines of proprietary software code.
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21 Dec 2011
open to premium members only Names the 10 Best Open-Source Products Of 2011 [25116]
LibreOffice Leads the Pack

The ten best open source products of 2011, as named by are these, in reverse order:

  • Fedora 16
  • Ubuntu 11.04
  • OpenStack
  • Asterisk 10
  • MySQL 5.6, Beta
  • Android 3.xx, or "Honeycomb"
  • Firefox for Android
  • Linux Mint 12
  • Ubuntu 11.10
  • LibreOffice

(Selected by Edward F. Moltzen, CRN)
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16 Dec 2011
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Using NexentaStor ZFS storage appliance with vSphere [25088]
Community Edition Has Deduplication, Compression, Snapshots and Moe

Last year, Tomi Hakala wrote an article describing how to use NexentaStor to create an NFS share on a commodity x86 box and make that share available to vSphere. Those steps with version 3.0 are still the same with version 3.1:

  • Install NexentaStor; obtain a unique key; enter key
  • Create a ZFS volume
  • Create a folder
  • Configure NFS Server (use NFS v3)
  • Note the mount point in which folder is available to NFS client
  • Open vSphere Client and mount NAS datastore

NexentaStor 3.x is a major release, with many new features, improved hardware support, and many bug fixes over the older Developer Edition including:

  • In-line deduplication for primary storage and backup
  • Free for up to 18 TB of overall raw storage capacity (i.e. sum of all ("raw") disks sizes, excepting logs, caches and spares)
  • Supports easy upgrade to future Community Edition releases and to Enterprise Edition licenses
  • Support for user and group quotas
  • The ability to automatically expand pools

NexentaStor 3.x Community ISO CD images can be installed on "bare-metal" x86/64 hardware. VM installed images are also available.
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25 Nov 2011
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84 Open Source Companies Ranked By Momentum Index [24963]
Two quarters full of progress for many open source software companies has ranked 84 open source companies with Acquia at the top of the list, followed by talend and Jaspersoft. Others include

  • Automattic -
  • SugarCRM - Customer relationship management
  • Engine Yard - PaaS for Ruby on Rails and PHP
  • Appcelerator - For rapidly developing native and HTML5 mobile web apps
  • Kaltura - Open Source Online Video Platform
  • Alfresco - Enterprise CMS
  • Nexenta - Open source enterprise class storage solutions based on Solaris

MomentumIndex identifies exposure to cloud computing as responsible for those companies exhibiting the fastest growth.
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