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Archived Free and Open Source S/W Articles
10 Oct 2016
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The Power Of Open Source Is Customer Freedom [57014], October 10th, 2016

"The open source community is a diverse and fractious collection of individuals and organizations. In its infancy, in many ways it could be compared to the hippie movements of the '60s: a lot of passion, a lot of fun, a lot of weirdness, and not a lot of organization. Over the last decade or so, it has evolved into a respected software development force that relies on the support of its members..."
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06 Apr 2016
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12 Memes of Open Source Software [51339], April 6h, 2016

"What does open source software mean? When you are explaining it to someone else, how do you convey the value and essence of open source without reinventing it? There have been many hard won lessons in open source since the phrase was first coined in 1997, and we should not forget those lessons.

To help with that, I've collected 12 memes that are meaningful to me to help share the history, set the stage, and provide context for what open source software is and what it means to the software industry at large..."
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07 Mar 2016
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New And Updated FOSS Components In Oracle Solaris 11.3 [50597]
By Lukas Rovensky

Lukas Rovensky blogs, "This is rather late update but hopefully still useful. Number of new and modified Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Components are provided in Oracle Solaris 11.3. The following information covers FOSS components delivered as part of Solaris Userland..."
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06 Jan 2015
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7 Communities Driving Open Source Development [40286]
CIO, January 6th, 2015

Thor Olavsrud writes in CIO, "Over the past two decades, open development of technology has come to be seen as a key to driving innovation. Even companies that once saw open source as a threat have come around - Microsoft, for example, is now active in a number of open source initiatives. To date, most open development has focused on software. But even that is changing as communities have begun to coalesce around open hardware initiatives. Here are seven organizations that are successfully promoting and developing open technologies, both hardware and software..."
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31 Dec 2014
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Top 20 open source stories in 2014 [40116]
By Jason Hibbets of Red Hat

Jason writes, "What an outstanding year for open source and the community! We shared more than 800 stories on how the open source way is changing our world and pushing innovation to new limits. While there were a number of hot topics, the most noise seemed to gravitate around OpenStack, open hardware, and Linux containers, specifically Docker.

The staff, in partnership with our Community Moderators and members of various open source communities, collected inspiring stories, conducted interveiws, highlighted new projects, and discovered how the open source philosophy is making the world a better place....

And now, the top 20 posts from in 2014..."
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22 Dec 2014
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Linux and open source 2014: It was the best of years, it was the worst of years [40037]
There was great news and there was awful news in the world of Linux and open-source software during 2014.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes for ZDNet, "Linux and open-source software had many high points this year, but it also had many low ones as well. Let's just get it over with and start with the worst.

  • Heartbleed
  • Systemd wars
  • Open-source licensing not being used
  • Neither Ubuntu Touch nor Steam Machines shipped

OK, that's the bad news. Here's the good news.

Linux and open-source software wins:

  • The top end-user operating system is probably Linux
  • Open source becomes the top programming methodology
  • Open source rules the cloud
  • Red Hat and Canonical to battle for the cloud
  • Docker redefines data-center and cloud computing

Read on for details...
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