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23 Jun 2015
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Uganda Revenue Authority and Oracle SuperCluster: [43641]
Achieves 99.9% Service Uptime for Government Ministries and Services

Among its objectives, URA was established to improve the standard of tax administration and correct the weaknesses that characterized the older tax administration. One of the major drivers for deploying Oracle solutions was to reduce the frequent downtime previously experienced due to poor database performance and to rectify a reduction in peak-time response.

URA worked with Oracle and its implementation and logistical partner Technology Associates to deploy a robust, scalable, high-availability database solution that includes software and hardware engineered together, as it felt that having a single vendor for both hardware and software would be advantageous. To that end, URA deployed Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Solaris 11, and Oracle Database.
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22 Jun 2015
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Portic Barcelona Logistics Services [43639]
Oracle SuperCluster Transformational Architecture

Portic Barcelona manages logistics through a technological platform that facilitates interaction between its members through its information services to logistics agents and other customers. Portic deployed Oracle SuperCluster with Oracle Solaris to multiply the number of commercial transactions that the e-commerce platform can manage by a factor of six - equivalent to a 32x performance increase - enabling Portic to process up to 26,000 service requests per hour and 500 messages per minute, with room for future expansion...
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11 Jun 2015
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Saudi Arabia Public Pension Agency Implements Oracle SuperCluster to Support Database as a Service [43371]
Oracle technology has provided important benefits to PPA

The Public Pension Agency (PPA), an entity within KSA's Ministry of Finance, has announced the successful implementation of Oracle SuperCluster. PPA decided to implement Oracle technology with a disaster recovery architecture across two separate sites. Oracle SuperCluster also provides high availability for Oracle E-Business Suite, with SuperClusters in two different locations running Oracle E-Business Suite in active/passive mode using Oracle DataGuard technology.

PPA's UNIX environment was consolidated into a single system and a private Unix cloud environment created. In addition to Oracle SuperCluster, PPA installed a range of products including Oracle Exadata X4-2, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Oracle Enterprise Manager OpsCenter 12c...
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10 Jun 2015
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Oracle Engineered Systems Provides US Retailer $28M in Total Cost of Ownership Savings [43368]
IDC Report

Read how a major US retailer simplified their IT environment by replacing multiple merchandising systems and consolidating database operations with Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Exadata and Oracle E-Business Suite. This research report was commissioned by Oracle and conducted by IDC. Here is a summary of the benefits:

Three-Year Cumulative Benefits:

  • $27.66 million in business benefits
  • ROI of 437%
  • Payback in 6.5 months

Additional Benefits:

  • Avoided $250 million for additional warehouse resources
  • 67% savings in datacenter-related OPEX spending
  • $1.8 million per year in data center CAPEX savings

IDC projects that the retailer will earn total discounted benefits worth $27.66 million over three years through its deployment of Oracle Exadata and Oracle SuperCluster engineered systems, and Oracle E-Business Suite.
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10 Jun 2015
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Applications and Exadata [43369]
Why Select Exadata

Gurmeet Goindi writes, "Exadata is now in its sixth generation with thousands of Exadatas deployed at thousands of customers. The growth rate remains strong while systems become more powerful, pricing remaining relatively flat, and acquisition models (Capacity on Demand and Infrastructure as a Service Private Cloud) have made acquiring Exadata more attractive.

There are many reasons why customers and partners choose run the application's database on Exadata. Most of the reasons to are focused on performance. We'll see that performance takes many forms. We'll briefly investigate some of the reasons, outside of Simplifying IT, why customers and partners decide to run their application databases on Exadata..."
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29 May 2015
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Khan Bank deployed Oracle Exadata Database Machine [43013]
with partner ITZone

Javier Puerta writes, "Khan Bank implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine to provide a high-performing, reliable, and scalable database platform for its core banking applications and support business growth. It now restores data 4x faster, processes batches five hours faster, and enables customers to rapidly conduct transactions without disruption, ensuring greater customer satisfaction. With Oracle Platinum Services, Khan Bank also improved DBA productivity by 40%, ensured high system availability, minimized skills-shortage risk, and increased staff confidence and morale.

Khan Bank has worked with Oracle Specialized Partner, ITZone for a number of years, and chose to use this partner again to assist with the Oracle Exadata project..."
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