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Archived Exadata Articles
27 Feb 2017
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Want the Flexibility of a Cloud Database In Your Own Data Center? [61192]
By Jeffrey Erickson

Jeffrey blogs, "While the cloud is unquestionably enticing, not all computing workloads are moving there immediately. The reasons include data residency regulations, complex application architectures, and latency for real-time applications, not to mention the general squeamishness of IT groups used to controlling the underpinnings of their mission-critical applications.

Now, Oracle is removing those barriers, by bridging the gap between cloud and on premises in a way no other cloud provider has. With Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine, companies get the advantages of cloud - like pay-per-use and far less in-house IT management - with a machine that physically sits inside a company's own data center and is completely managed remotely by Oracle..."
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07 Nov 2016
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Oracle Exadata Database Machine And Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials Exam [57803]
By Ramona Costea, November 73rd, 2016

Ramona blogs, "To help get partners prepared to recommend and implement the Oracle Exadata platform and Oracle Exadata Cloud solution we have created a dedicated certification. The Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist includes a complete training plan and corresponding exam to help partners get certified on the latest Exadata and Oracle Database 12c software and Exadata X6-2 hardware..."
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13 Jul 2016
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Learn About Exadata Database Machine 12c through Oracle Training [54409]
By Diana H. Gray

Diana blogs, "Oracle Exadata provides the highest-performing and most-available infrastructure for running Oracle Database, whether it's in the Oracle Cloud, on premises, or a combination of both.

Oracle Exadata architecture features a scale-out design with industry-standard servers and intelligent storage, including state-of-the-art flash technology and a high-speed InfiniBand internal fabric.

This architecture provides 100 percent Oracle Database portability from on premises to Oracle Public Cloud and back..."
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22 Apr 2016
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Exadata Virtual Conference [51904]
May 2nd & 3rd

Ramona blogs, "Each year the IOUG Exadata Special Interest Group (SIG) holds an online Virtual Conference. This year's Virtual Conference will be held on May 2nd & 3rd. The conference is FREE.

Conference sessions include:

  • Oracle Exadata X6: Technical Deep Dive - Architecture and Internals
  • Exadata Database Machine Security
  • The General Electric Power Journey: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 on Oracle Exadata and Exalogic
  • SAS Institute Applications with Oracle Exadata and Big Data Appliance: Turning Data into Knowledge
  • Oracle Cloud Machine: Bringing the Oracle Cloud On Premise
  • Database Machine Administration (DBMA) and Database Administration (DBMA): Similarities and Differences, What you need to know

This is a great opportunity for Exadata updates.
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29 Mar 2016
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The Surprising Economics of Engineered Systems [51224]
By Peter Jeffcock

Peter blogs, "The title's not mine. It comes from a video done for us by ESG, based on their white paper, which looks at the TCO of building your own Hadoop cluster vs buying one ready-built (Oracle Big Data Appliance). You should watch or read, depending on your preference, or even just check out the infographic. The conclusion could be summed up as "better, faster, cheaper, pick all three". Which is not what you'd expect. But they found that it's better (quicker to deploy, lower risk, easier to support), faster (from 2X to 3X faster than a comparable DIY cluster) and cheaper (45% cheaper if you go with list pricing)..."
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28 Mar 2016
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Oracle Exadata Cloud Service launch webcast - April 7th [51227]
By Javier Puerta

Javier blogs, "Partners - You're already familiar with the benefits of Oracle Exadata and now it's available in the cloud. It brings more opportunities for you to scale your business in innovative ways and at speed. Moving to the Oracle Cloud is simplicity itself..."
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