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Archived DTrace Articles
10 Feb 2014
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DTrace and Oracle Solaris 11 [34655]
Oracle Home Page for DTrace

"Oracle Solaris DTrace is a comprehensive, advanced tracing tool for troubleshooting systematic problems in real time. Administrators, integrators and developers can use DTrace to dynamically and safely observe live production systems for performance issues, including both applications and the operating system itself. DTrace allows you to explore your system to understand how it works, track down problems across many layers of software, and locate the cause of any aberrant behavior..."
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05 Dec 2013
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Oracle integrates DTrace into its Linux distribution [33896]
Oracle Linux administrators can finally take advantage of the powerful DTrace debugging tool, first designed for Solaris

Joab Jackson writes in InfoWorld, "Oracle has fully integrated the long-awaited Linux DTrace debugging tool into the latest release of its Linux distribution, potentially allowing administrators and developers to pinpoint the cause of thorny performance issues with more accuracy.

Oracle Linux 6.5 also includes an updated kernel and support for Linux Containers, allowing a single kernel to power multiple Linux virtual machines on a server.

Much like the CentOS distribution, Oracle Linux is largely a copy of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), version 6.5 of which Red Hat released last month. Oracle does include in the package its own kernel -- the core of an OS -- customized for security enhancements, as well as some additional administrative tools. Both the Oracle and Red Hat editions are targeted to enterprise use. (The volunteer-driven CentOS 6.5 distribution was also recently released.)..."
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10 Sep 2013
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Happy 10th Birthday, DTrace! [32826]
From Bryan Cantrill

Bryan Cantrill posted a blog entry noting that "Ten years ago this morning (Sept 3rd) - at 10:27am local time, to be exact - DTrace was integrated. On the occasion of DTrace's fifth birthday a half-decade ago, I reflected on much of the drama of the final DTrace splashdown, but much has happend in the DTrace community in the last five years; some highlights:

  • DTrace was ported to Linux - twice

  • Brendan's DTrace book became the canonical guide to using DTrace in practice, bringing DTrace to a new generation of practitioners

  • Chris Andrews lit the way for bringing USDT to dyanamic languages with his terrific libusdt, using it to bring DTrace to node.js, bring DTrace to Lua, bring DTrace to Perl and bring DTrace to Ruby.

  • Dave Pacheco became a master of the black art of DTrace ustack helpers, and developed a DTrace ustack helper for node.js

  • I expanded DTrace in the non-global zone

  • Eric Schrock added the print action

  • We got the DTrace community together at the first DTrace unconference - dtrace.conf(08)

  • and then followed that up at an Olympiad cadence with dtrace.conf(12)

  • The International DTrace Committee will soon be selecting the host city for dtrace.conf(16)

And a bunch of other stuff that's either more esoteric...
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04 Sep 2013
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DTrace with PHP Update [32744]
DTrace is an always-available, low overhead, tracing framework

"I've recently been working with the in-built DTrace code in PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5, specifically stabilizing its configuration on Solaris and Oracle Linux," writes Christopher Jones.

"DTrace is an always-available, low overhead, tracing framework that has just celebrated its 10th Birthday. DTrace support in PHP was originally via a separate PECL extension. In PHP 5.4 David Soria Parra (then at Sun) merged DTrace functionality to core PHP making it more accessible..."
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15 Aug 2013
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Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Solaris 11 DTrace [32340]
DTrace is now integrated into Oracle Database V$ views to provide a top-to-bottom picture of a database transaction I/O

Larry Wake writes, "As you may have heard, Oracle Database 12c is now available for Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux. Among other things, that means we now have the opportunity to share some of the cool things the Oracle Database and Oracle Solaris engineering teams have been doing together.

And here's a good one: In a screencast Jon Haslam describes how on Oracle Solaris 11, DTrace is now integrated into Oracle Database V$ views to provide a top-to-bottom picture of a database transaction I/O -- from storage devices, through the Oracle Solaris kernel, up to Oracle Database 12c itself..."
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04 Jun 2013
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Using DTrace on Oracle Linux [31298]
An introduction to DTrace probes and providers for Oracle Linux and how they are different from those in Oracle Solaris.

Richard Friedman writes, "DTrace is a comprehensive dynamic tracing facility originally developed for the Oracle Solaris operating system, and it is now available to Oracle Linux customers. DTrace is designed to give operational insights that allow users to tune and troubleshoot the operating system and applications dynamically in real time. DTrace provides Oracle Linux developers with a tool to analyze performance and track down performance problems across the software stack. DTrace enables higher quality applications development, reduced downtime, lower cost, and greater utilization of existing resources. It is available for download from the Unbreakable Linux Network for Oracle Linux Support customers..."
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