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Archived Cloud Computing Articles
23 Aug 2016
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Why Silicon Valley's YMCA Is Pumped Up About The Cloud [55643]
By Elena Malykhina

Elena Malykhina writes in Forbes, "Many nonprofits and small to midsize businesses feel stuck with legacy systems they know are inefficient-but they think they don't have the money or the resources to modernize.

The YMCA of Silicon Valley is proving otherwise.

With ten branches and 92 satellite locations serving approximately 100,000 families, this YMCA Association has ambitious expansion plans. CFO Ed Barrantes is setting up infrastructure to double the number of people served, helping even more families in this high cost-of-living area get access to healthy-living and youth-development programs..."
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22 Aug 2016
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On The Road, Speed Kills; In The Cloud, Speed Wins [55644]
By Rob Preston

"Time to market. Talent acquisition. Customer feedback loops. If you're not faster than the competition in all of these domains, your business is going nowhere fast," writes Rob Preston in Forbes.

"That's what digital transformation is all about - but digital transformation isn't for wimps. It's an ongoing technical, procedural, organizational, financial, and cultural challenge, no matter the industry. It requires equal parts vision and doggedness..."
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19 Aug 2016
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New features in the Oracle Compute Cloud [55412]
By Pat Shuff

Pat blogs, "Today Oracle updated the Oracle Compute Cloud Service by adding three new features.

  • Integration of the Oracle Marketplace into the Compute Cloud Console to make it easier to deploy custom solutions
  • Expanding the functionality of Backup Services to snapshot Compute Instances and clone them from snapshots
  • Making it easier to import existing virtual machines into the Oracle Cloud and making these images available to the Public and Private Marketplace

We talked earlier this week on pulling an image from the Oracle Marketplace. Previous to today you had to go to, setup preferences to link your account to your compute account, get an app from the marketplace, and provision the instance through the compute cloud. Today we just need to go into the create instance menu system from the Compute Console and select an image from the Marketplace to provision into a compute instance. This modification reduces the number of steps required to use the Marketplace as well as making it easier to provision preconfigured solutions into a compute instance or set of compute instances..."
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12 Aug 2016
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Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service 16.3.3 Release Announcement [55221]
By Jai Suri

Jai blogs, "We are pleased to announce new enhancements that have recently been added to the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service. Customers will shortly see their instances upgraded to the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service 16.3.3 release. This release includes a number of new functionalities, enhancements and performance improvements.

Oracle IoT Cloud Service Applications ('Mini-apps')

The Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service platform now offers SaaS-style applications or 'Mini-Apps' that are included with the platform and immediately runnable. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud 16.3.3 introduces the Asset Monitoring Application, which is the first in the series of built-in Mini-Apps that will be offered with the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service. This Mini-App enables users working with both fixed and movable assets to perform tasks such as rapidly locating available assets for a job, assessing the health of their assets, and reviewing asset specifications while in the field or office..."
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08 Aug 2016
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HCL Predictive Maintenance Solution based on IoT Cloud Service [55220]
By Jurgen Kress

Jurgen writes, "Luis Weir and the HCL team build an excellent PaaS showcase for predictive maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance HCL PaaS Showcase

  • Industry value proposition solving a business problem
  • PaaS services: IoT, MCS, PCS, ICS

Industries such as aeronautics, automotive, manufacturing, high-tech and even healthcare always deal with the management of thousands of assets. This activity is complex in very costly. Even more so due to manual business processes and disconnected systems (many of them legacy)..."
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01 Aug 2016
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3 Practical Tips for a Smoother Cloud Project: Oracle's Steve Miranda [55026]
By Chris Murphy

Chris blogs, "Speed of implementation is one of the big advantages companies get from cloud software. In a recent appearance on the interview program CXOTalk, Steve Miranda, Oracle executive vice president of application development, bluntly described why that speed is so important.

'The mess isn't going to get any smaller,' Miranda said, explaining to CXOTalk host Michael Krigsman how the problems you're trying to solve keep evolving, too, if a project drags on.

In the course of the 45-minute conversation, Miranda shared three best practices he sees in companies that effectively and efficiently implement cloud systems:.."
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