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Archived Cloud Computing Articles
16 Sep 2016
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CEO Catz: Oracle 'Overachieved Again' in the Cloud [56255]
By Rob Preston

Oracle heads into its annual Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco next week with impressive cloud momentum, reporting that first-quarter FY2017 revenue from its combined software, platform, and infrastructure cloud services grew 59% from the year-earlier quarter, to $969 million.

Revenue from Oracle's two fastest-growing cloud businesses -software as a service and platform as a service - rose 77% in Q1, to $798 million, thanks to thousands of customer wins. The first quarter marks the seventh consecutive quarter in which organic growth rates for Oracle's SaaS and PaaS businesses have accelerated.
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15 Sep 2016
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Infrastructure As A Service In The Spotlight At Oracle OpenWorld [56260]
By Rick O'Herron

Rick writes, "By the end of 2016, IDC predicts that nearly two-thirds of enterprises will use or plan to use public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Whether to save money or respond more quickly to business opportunities, more business leaders want to use the cloud for computing, servers, storage, and networking components as a foundation for their software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) strategies..."
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13 Sep 2016
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Chuck Hollis: 'Pity The IT Organization' That Gets This Part Wrong [56262]
By Paul Sonderegger

Paul writes, "Industry veteran Chuck Hollis maintains that the single most important asset in the digital economy is data, making it critical that IT infrastructure is engineered to maximize and exploit data's value. I recently sat down with Hollis, senior vice president of cloud infrastructure at Oracle, to discuss what the intersection of cloud computing and big data means for the future of business and enterprise computing. What follows are excerpts of our discussion..."
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07 Sep 2016
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The Cloud of Change - How IT Roles Will Look 5 Years Out [56050]
By Nicole Fornacon, Marketing Director, EMEA/APAC, Oracle University

Nicole writes, "It's the 2020s. You've commuted to the office in your titanium flying car, to be greeted by a robotic receptionist. You've traveled to your virtual, interactive desk which serves you a tall coffee and scans the morning's to-do list onto your retina.

Or maybe not.

Just as we're still waiting for the paperless office to arrive, the workplace of the foreseeable future will probably still be an open-space, with a wood or metal desk, as well as human colleagues.

But according to futurists, and human resource specialists, there's a strong chance that in 5 years' time, your job will be very, very different..."
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06 Sep 2016
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Oracle Database Cloud Service: My First Experience with the Cloud [56054]
By Dr. Christoph Burandt, Senior Principal Instructor, Oracle University

Christoph blogs, "'Going to the Cloud' - what does this mean for databases, as well as database administrators? The main difference between this new way and the previous way: the database storage and memory is not any more located 'on premises' (that means locally located at my office or company site.)

The new approach uses a data center as storage location for the creation of a Database as a Service DBaaS, which is also named as Database Cloud Service (DBCS).

Each database also has it's own shape, which is VM provided, with an eligible number of OCPUs and RAM..."
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02 Sep 2016
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Oracle Service Cloud August 2016 - Now Generally Available (GA) [55713]
By Ramona Costea

Ramona blogs, "Check out the Oracle Service Cloud August 2016 release, now Generally Available (GA). The August 2016 release of Oracle Service Cloud introduces a multi-platform Mobile Accelerator to easily create a tailored mobile app, enabling an organization's employees to seamlessly access customer and case information, tasks, view dashboards, and more on their own mobile device.

For complete August 2016 release details, check our additional resources..."
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