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Archived Cloud Computing Articles
09 Jun 2017
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Cloud Predictions 2017 [64169]
By Juergen Kress

Juergen blogs, "Cloud computing is moving at a dizzying pace. With cloud technologies evolving at such an irrepressible rate, it's difficult to keep track of where it's all headed. How will your relationship with the cloud change over the course of the coming year? A modern cloud must support and energize the cloud journey from any starting point, adapt fluidly to changing needs, and ultimately realize the potential of genuine business transformation.

Here are our predictions for how the cloud will impact your business process in 2017 and beyond..."
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08 Jun 2017
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Call for Nominations: Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation 2017 [64165]
By Kellsey Ruppel

Kellsey Ruppel blogs, "Calling all Oracle Cloud Platform Innovators! Submit Your Nomination for the 2017 Oracle Excellence Awards: Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation...

Are you using Oracle Cloud Platform to deliver unique business value? If so, submit a nomination today for the 2017 Oracle Excellence Awards for Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation. These highly coveted awards honor customers and their partners for their cutting-edge solutions using Oracle Cloud Platform. Winners are selected based on the uniqueness of their business case, business benefits, level of impact relative to the size of the organization, complexity and magnitude of implementation, and the originality of architecture..."
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31 May 2017
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Getting Clear About Clouds: How to Find the Best Approach for Your Enterprise [63992]
Oracle, May 31st 2017

Maywun Wong writes, "Most business and IT executives understand the extent to which cloud computing is transforming business and disrupting IT organizations. These services and solutions - including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) - are ushering in new cost efficiencies, productivity gains, and innovation.

However, sorting through the options and choosing the right approach can be daunting..."
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25 May 2017
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Why Walk When You Can "Sprint" to the Cloud? [63814]
By Andy Bird

Andy Bird blogs, "A new methodology, from Oracle's 2016 Global Partner of the year for SaaS Cloud Transformation, Inoapps, is set to disrupt implementation practices for Oracle Cloud applications. Called 'Sprint,' the new approach offers a game-changing alternative that reduces the perceived risk of moving finance (or other lines of business) to the cloud and reduces the time taken to go live.

Free from any cost or commitment, Sprint challenges the traditional fixed price/fixed scope, "one size fits all" cloud implementation model. It does this by breaking the scope of the change into 'sprints' which provide customers with a 'try before you buy' Oracle Cloud solution - comprising 80% of the proposed system - before making a final purchase decision..."
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23 May 2017
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5 ways utilities can exploit the cloud [63816]
By Kathleen Wolf Davis

Kathleen blogs, "We are live at CS Week in Fort Worth today, and our utility-filled Synergy meeting is bubbling over with juicy tidbits. We've made a lot of lists - of lessons learned and problems to avoid and topics into which we all need to grab a spade and dig a little deeper.

And even though we're here to talk about the customer - CS Week is short for Customer Service Week, after all - the more we want to offer the customer, the more tech, platforms, partnerships and software we'll need.

Highest on that 'we totally need it' list is the cloud. From our roundtable discussions with utilities in this closed-door session, here are our best 'you just had to be there' secrets..."
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22 May 2017
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Executive To Tech Enthusiasts: 'Move to Cloud Your Way, Not Theirs' [63817]
By Jeff Erickson

Jeff Erickson blogs, "For people steeped in the nitty-gritty operations of enterprise technology, 90 percent of which still resides on company-owned data centers, 'moving to cloud' sounds like a journey for another day. They aren't immune to the promises, but they're busy keeping their business's current set of applications running.

"That's important work that needs to keep getting done," said Oracle Senior Vice President Steve Daheb in an address to a gathering of independent user groups dedicated to Oracle technologies and business applications. "So the question becomes, how do you take advantage of cloud in a way that makes sense to the way you work right now, today?"
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