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Archived Cloud Computing Articles
22 Jun 2017
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Driving Innovation and Profitability with Modern Cloud Infrastructure in the New Digital Economy [64502]
By Claude Robinson

Claude blogs, "Companies are recognizing that getting real-time insights from their own data is key to building and maintaining their competitive advantage. Those insights enable companies to make better business decisions, and to quickly develop products and services that meet the changing needs of customers. In his recent blog post on 'Spreading the Wealth of Data Capitalism,' Paul Sonderegger, Oracle Big Data Strategist, noted that, 'getting the data you want into the shape you need for the task at hand, is an imperative for any company creating new digital products and services'..."
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21 Jun 2017
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Securing the Oracle Cloud [64504]
By Troy Kitch

Technology safeguards, fewer risks, and unparalleled security motivate CIOs to embrace cloud computing

Troy blogs, "If one thing is constant in the IT world, it's change. Consider the age-old dilemma of security versus innovation. Just a few years ago, concerns about data security and privacy prevented some organizations from adopting cloud-based business models.

Today, many of these concerns have been alleviated. IT leaders are migrating their applications and data to the cloud in order to benefit from security features offered by some cloud providers. The key is to choose the right technology - one that is designed to protect users, enhance safeguarding of data, and better address requirements under privacy laws. Find out why millions of users rely on advanced and complete cloud services to transform fundamental business processes more quickly and confidently than ever before..."
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19 Jun 2017
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Getting Clear About Clouds: How to Find the Best Approach for Your Enterprise [64508]
By Edgar Haren

Edgar blogs, "Today we have a guest blog from our peers on the Oracle Cloud Machine team. Today Maywun Wong Director, Product Marketing, discusses the value of Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine and the use cases behind this solution.

Most business and IT executives understand the extent to which cloud computing is transforming business and disrupting IT organizations. These services and solutions - including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) - are ushering in new cost efficiencies, productivity gains, and innovation.

However, sorting through the options and choosing the right approach can be daunting. Historically, business and IT decision-makers have had three choices when adopting cloud technologies: private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds. Each approach delivers different features, capabilities, challenges, and benefits. How do you choose the best cloud configuration for your organization? How do you ensure that you are minimizing costs, maximizing gains, and retaining the flexibility and agility required for digital business?..."
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15 Jun 2017
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Bridge Consulting: Oracle Empowers Data Monitoring in the Cloud [64356]
By Daniel Schrijver

Daniel blogs, "Oracle Gold Partner Bridge Consulting in Italy is taking a very pragmatic approach to moving to the cloud. They help their customers move their Oracle applications, middleware and database to the cloud and start wherever it makes the most sense. This could be setting up of a database in the cloud for test purposes. Or it could be middleware for developing a java application.

But whenever and wherever you start, one of the main points to consider is how you're going to manage these new IT environments AND your existing IT. You need a single pane of glass for managing all your applications, middleware and databases regardless of whether they run in the cloud or on-premises.

In this video, you'll hear Simone Traversari talk about the value that Oracle Management Cloud brings to his customers..."
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14 Jun 2017
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Accelerate Innovation In Your Business [64355]
By Yaldah Hakim Rashid

Yaldah blogs, "All business needs are unique. If you see a cloud provider offering a one size fits all solution for your business- turnaround and run as fast as you can. There is not a one size fits all solution because all industries and businesses are different.

In order to have the best growth strategy in place for your business - you need a complete and personalized cloud that can be tailored for your unique business needs.

With a personalized cloud, there are a number of benefits including the following:..."
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12 Jun 2017
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3 Key Additions for Companies Moving Enterprise Workloads to the Cloud [64358]
By Chris Murphy

Chris blogs, "Oracle is providing new tools for organizations that are moving enterprise workloads to the cloud.

IT shops are increasingly exploring the cloud for existing workloads, and are expecting the same type of choice, control, and tools they get with in-house data centers, but with the agility and lower capital approach delivered by the cloud.

Oracle's latest enhancements to Oracle's infrastructure as a service (IaaS) help meet those expectations. They are:..."
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