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Banner Ads

We use a self-service system for placing ads. It is called TrafficSpaces

The website generates between:

  • 1,500 and 6,000 page views per day
  • 20,00 and 25,000 per week
  • 100,100 and 120,000 per month

For CPM Ad Units and Premium Branding, we offer:

  • 728 x 90 Leaderboards
  • 300 x 250 Medium Rectangles
  • 300 x 600 Wide Skyscrapers
  • 125 x 125 Sponsorship Squares

TrafficSpaces offers:

  • per Ad zone stats:
    • Impressions, Unique Visits, Time Spent
    • Breakdown by Country
    • Breakdown by State/Region
    • Breakdown by City
  • option to spread ad impressions out over a range of dates
  • ability to limit ad impressions by setting a daily budget
When you create an ad, the system will allow you to specify a Targeting Plan which is a set of rules that help the system target each ad to the intended viewer. With a Targeting Plan, you can set:
  1. Contextual keywords so that your ads appear around content related to those keywords or when users search for related information.
  2. Geographic locations that to which you prefer to target the ads. Read more about how geographic targeting works.
  3. Demographic groups to which you prefer to target the ads. Read more about how demographic targeting workds.
  4. Web domains and IP Addresses to which you want to restrict your ads.
  5. Hours of Day or Days of Week on which you want to show your ads.

To purchase self-service advertising through TrafficSpaces:

  • Login with your user name and password from your favorite system (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, OpenID, etc.)
  • Pick your location(s) and size(s) (e.g 728x90 Leaderboard)
  • Create an ad campaign name
  • Setup your campaign -
    • add the ads
    • upload the creative content
    • Note: content must be approved before it will run
  • Set your budget
  • Set dates to run
  • Pay with a credit card
  • Start your campaign

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